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What do you like to read? SF? Fantasy? Romance? Women's Fiction? Young Adult? Are you a "recovering Trekker" like me? Do you like humor? Do you like stories that continue the adventures of people you've met in other stories? Do you like to find a place -- a town, a fantasy world, an entire universe -- and then come back and explore over and over?

Then you've come to the right place!

Come visit the worlds I've discovered in my imagination:

Michelle Levigne -- Author<br />Welcome to the worlds of my imagination!

We're starting off the new year right with TWO new books in established series.

First we have HERO BLUES, the next book in the Neighborlee, Ohio fantasy series.
Humor, magic, mysteries, a touch of danger ... and a semi-pseudo-superhero who is fed up with the entitlement attitude, inbred, lazy morons she has been assigned to protect.
When Jane quits being the Ghost and moves out of town, what can she do next and where should she go?
Well, it just so happens that Jane was one of the "lost" children, found abandoned around the town of Neighborlee. She decides it's time to go home and trace her roots and try to find some answers.
Does she?
And then some!
Coming February 12 from Uncial Press.

Then, we're coming up on the 8th book in the Quarry Hall series of women's fiction/suspense and danger.
NIKKI'S TEST is the second adventure of Nikki James, Joan Archer's half-sister.
Nikki has finished her basic training, working for the Arc Foundation, and is out on the road, working as a courier.
What should have been a simple assignment -- picking up Brooklyn after a vacation with her brother -- turns into lies and threats and secrets, and then being falsely accused of kidnapping. What the enemies in Harper's Point don't realize is that when you taken on one of the Quarry Hall girls, you're in for more trouble than you can imagine. Especially when Joan is out to protect her little sister.
Coming from Desert Breeze Publishing in February.

Tabor Heights: A friendly little town on Ohio's North Coast, where sweet romance is always in the air. Tabor Heights is a college town, near Cleveland, and all the stories feature members of Tabor Christian Church. The stories are set up in "years" and overlap. You don't need to start with any one particular book to know what's going on -- because as you read, you'll hear what's going on in other people's lives. Right now, we're gearing up to published the final -- and 20th -- book in the series, titled TRUCK STOP ANGEL. That's a lot of books to catch up on -- maybe you want to taste test the series with a couple of the free short reads provided by my publisher, Desert Breeze Publishing.
Quarry Hall: A companion series to Tabor Heights. When you've visited Tabor often enough, you'll have heard about the Arc Foundation, headquartered in Quarry Hall -- a philanthropic foundation represented by young women who drive around the country, getting involved on a personal level with the people Arc helps. The Arc Foundation is a partner with the Mission, an outreach of Tabor Christian Church, and several "daughters" of Quarry Hall now live and work in Tabor. Also published by Desert Breeze.
The Commonwealth Universe: Right now, we're at 28 books and counting in the Commonwealth, a sprawling SF universe that covers nearly 1,000 years of history, from the Downfall, through the Rebirth Era, to the Present Era. You'll meet Talents, such as the Khybors, Leapers, Spacers, the shapeshifer Hoveni, and Wrinkleship pilots, as well as watch the growth of the Order as it digs civilization out of the ruins and takes Humankind back to the stars. There's the YA series, "Sunsinger," about a boy growing up on board a small starship, and stories of lost colonies, danger, adventure, and romance. Published by Writer's Exchange, of Australia.
Wildvine: A new fantasy series coming from Writers Exchange. Refugees from another dimension land in the quiet little county called Wildvine and settle in to make a home for themselves and wait for a Talent to be born to take them home. Follow the adventures of several generations of exiles as they learn their Talents and band together to defend their people from enemies who have followed them across the dimensions

Neighborlee, Ohio: Imagine a town that combines all the fun of TV shows such as Buffy, Roswell, and Eureka -- but without the vampires or the weird science. Neighborlee is, as several residents have said, the "weirdness capital of the United States -- maybe the world." There are doorways into other dimensions, visitors from other worlds, magic, lots of secrets to protect, and dangerous "artifacts" to keep out of the wrong hands. You can start by visiting Divine's Emporium, a curiosity shop that always seems to have just what you need, even if you don't know what it is when you walk through the door. Published by Uncial Press.
Faxinor: Fantasy, romance, warriors, magic swords and prophecy. Andrixine Faxinor is chosen to be the next Bearer of the Spirit Sword, and lead in the defense of her country of Reshor. Her duty affected her entire family. Right now there are three books, published by Writer's Exchange -- with more coming!
All's Fae in Love and Chocolate: 4 short romance stories featuring Fae running amok in our world, falling in love and dealing with magic gone ... a little wonky! Want to laugh? This is the series for you. Published by Uncial Press.
Zygradon: Arthurian Fantasy. What more needs to be said? Start with the birth of the enchanter, Mrillis -- watch the forging of the Zygradon, then the sword, Braenlicach -- struggle through the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Three Drops of Blood, the battle between different races and different rules of magic -- and then race 2,000 years into the future, to the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Lady Warhawk, and the Rift War that will possibly mend a world divided. Published by Uncial Press.
YA Fantasy series:
       The Hunt, about children from another world, sent to Earth to hide them from a galactic despot. As they struggle to find each other, their Talents grow. The Gathering is approaching, when they must leave Earth and return home to save their world -- but how, exactly? Published by Writer's Exchange.
       The Emerald Necklace: Book 1 - Wolves on the West Side, and Book 2 - Shatter, Scatter. What's it about? Well ... a freak summer storm drops 3 children into our world. One has magical powers, and the other 2 can turn into wolves. Someone tried to kill them, but they don't know who. They need to find their way home ... but first they have to survive high school. Published by Mundania Press.

And many other books, in fantasy, SF, romance, adventure, humor, danger ... Come Explore!

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