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Welcome to my redesigned web site. It's been a long time in the making, and if you explore far enough, you'll see that it's still a work-in-progress.

What do you like to read? SF? Fantasy? Romance? Women's Fiction? Young Adult? Are you a "recovering Trekker" like me? Do you like humor? Do you like stories that continue the adventures of people you've met in other stories? Do you like to find a place -- a town, a fantasy world, an entire universe -- and then come back and explore over and over?

Then you've come to the right place!

Check out my newest release!  From Desert Breeze Publishing, the new Quarry Hall novel.  

Come visit the worlds I've discovered in my imagination:


February: BWU STORIES, the 6th novel in the 2nd year of Tabor Heights stories. Kristen and Kat face challenges and find love amid the chaotic world of the theater department at Butler-Williams University.

May: CHARLI, the 6th Quarry Hall novel. When Joan goes to a research scientist in a hidden forest laboratory, looking for a cure for her father's terminal illness, she meets Charli Carson and her mother, Dr. Rachel Carson. They retreated to the forest lab years ago when their husband and father was murdered during a lab break-in -- but now it looks like the same people who tried to steal their research has returned, and is determined to steal the Carsons' research no matter what it takes.

THE TALON: The Adventure Begins, is the next Commonwealth Universe novel coming from Writers Exchange E-Publishing.
What's it about? Think of a character something like Zorro, riding through the night ... but on a winged steed instead of a black stallion. The Central Allied Worlds are in nearly constant upheaval, and the turmoil reaches even to the far-flung colony worlds. A young boy teams up with his grandfather to prepare for the day when their colony will need to be protected from the very government that is supposed to protect them. Their allies are the nocturnal flying creatures called Nightskimmers.

More Commonwealth books coming out this year will include NOVA VENDETTA #1: The Injustice. This is a prequel to the short story, "The Pirate and the Professor," and explores how the heroine's father was transformed from a medical student who planned on a quiet career as a doctor on a colony world, to a legendary pirate captain who ended up saving his homeworld.

ALSO .... I've just finished the 1st draft of the next Neighborlee, Ohio novel -- tentatively titled either Hoax, Inc., or Hero Blues. Check back for further information as the release date is picked and we go into production!

Coming soon from Writers Exchange E-publishing ...

In 2015, Writers Exchange will be opening up two of my universes for your reading pleasure.

The Faxinor Chronicles are a re-release, being picked up from another publisher.
So far there are 3 titles:
Heir of Faxinor
Lorien -- winner of the 2006 EPIC Award in Inspirational

Starting in late 2015, WEE will begin releasing NEW Faxinor books, starting with Sword of Faxinor.
As soon as I start writing them, of course ....

Wildvine is a totally new universe ... for you, the readers, anyway.
This is a universe I have had sitting in my computer files for 20+ years. Now is the time to dig out the books, dust them off, and revise them.
What happens in Wildvine?
Well, the first book is about people from another universe/dimension who come to our world fleeing what are essentially terrorists. The only one who knows how to get from their world to ours has died -- so they must make a place for themselves here on Earth and wait until a child is born with the Talent to reach through the void between worlds and take them home.
It will take decades and several generations before their quest and their many stories come to an end.
I hope you're ready for a twisting and turning ride!

Tabor Heights: A friendly little town on Ohio's North Coast, where sweet romance is always in the air. Tabor Heights is a college town, near Cleveland, and all the stories feature members of Tabor Christian Church. The stories are set up in "years" and overlap. You don't need to start with any one particular book to know what's going on -- because as you read, you'll hear what's going on in other people's lives. Right now, we're ready for the launch of Book 4 of Year 2: WHEELS. But don't worry -- there are 12 books of Year 1 to have fun with in the meantime, and some free short reads provided by my publisher, Desert Breeze Publishing.
Quarry Hall: A companion series to Tabor Heights. When you've visited Tabor often enough, you'll have heard about the Arc Foundation, headquartered in Quarry Hall -- a philanthropic foundation represented by young women who drive around the country, getting involved on a personal level with the people Arc helps. The Arc Foundation is a partner with the Mission, an outreach of Tabor Christian Church, and several "daughters" of Quarry Hall now live and work in Tabor. We're in pre-production for the 4th Quarry Hall book: DARCY. Also published by Desert Breeze.
The Commonwealth Universe: Right now, we're at 25 books and counting in the Commonwealth, a sprawling SF universe that covers nearly 1,000 years of history, from the Downfall, through the Rebirth Era, to the Present Era. You'll meet Talents, such as the Khybors, Leapers, Spacers, the shapeshifer Hoveni, and Wrinkleship pilots, as well as watch the growth of the Order as it digs civilization out of the ruins and takes Humankind back to the stars. There's the YA series, "Sunsinger," about a boy growing up on board a small starship, and stories of lost colonies, danger, adventure, and romance. Most of the Commonwealth Universe books are published by Writer's Exchange, of Australia, with the Chorillan Cycle published by OakTara.
The 5 Sisters: Humorous romantic suspense published by Amber Quill Press. Picture This * How to Bury a Millionaire * Just Peachy * Liar, Liar. Hearts on Fire * Never Moon a Werewolf. Published by Amber Quill Press.

Neighborlee, Ohio: Imagine a town that combines all the fun of TV shows such as Buffy, Roswell, and Eureka -- but without the vampires or the weird science. Neighborlee is, as several residents have said, the "weirdness capital of the United States -- maybe the world." There are doorways into other dimensions, visitors from other worlds, magic, lots of secrets to protect, and dangerous "artifacts" to keep out of the wrong hands. You can start by visiting Divine's Emporium, a curiosity shop that always seems to have just what you need, even if you don't know what it is when you walk through the door. Published by Uncial Press.
All's Fae in Love and Chocolate: 4 short romance stories featuring Fae running amok in our world, falling in love and dealing with magic gone ... a little wonky! Want to laugh? This is the series for you. Published by Uncial Press.
Zygradon: Arthurian Fantasy. What more needs to be said? Start with the birth of the enchanter, Mrillis -- watch the forging of the Zygradon, then the sword, Braenlicach -- struggle through the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Three Drops of Blood, the battle between different races and different rules of magic -- and then race 2,000 years into the future, to the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Lady Warhawk, and the Rift War that will possibly mend a world divided. Published by Uncial Press.
Bainevah: Paranormal romance series, set in a civilization that is a mixture of Ancient Egypt and Babylon, where demi-gods use humans as game pieces and the faithful and obedient are rewarded with true love ... possibly. Published by Amber Quill Press.
YA Fantasy series:
       The Hunt, about children from another world, sent to Earth to hide them from a galactic despot. As they struggle to find each other, their Talents grow. The Gathering is approaching, when they must leave Earth and return home to save their world -- but how, exactly? Published by Writer's Exchange.
       The Emerald Necklace: Book 1 - Wolves on the West Side, and Book 2 - Shatter, Scatter. What's it about? Well ... a freak summer storm drops 3 children into our world. One has magical powers, and the other 2 can turn into wolves. Someone tried to kill them, but they don't know who. They need to find their way home ... but first they have to survive high school. Published by Mundania Press.

And many other books, in fantasy, SF, romance, adventure, humor, danger ... Come Explore!

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