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Welcome to the website for Michelle Levigne, author and editor.

Here you can explore and learn about the various worlds of my imagination:
science fiction, fantasy, romance, steampunk, YA, inspirational, women's fiction.

Yeah, I have a lot of books and a lot of universes and storylines for you to explore!

And that includes my NEWEST RELEASE >>>>>>

The trials and tribulations of a bride-NOT-to-be. A college romance ended during summer break, but left a wedding dress on Eve's hands. She dragged it with her around the country and through several relationships, confusing and scary and bittersweet. But true love didn't find her until she finally managed to get rid of that dress, and all the baggage that came with it...

There is a special placed called Crooked Creek. Only little girls and little boys can go there.
 Most of the time, they visit in their dreams, after they say their prayers and kiss Mommy and Daddy good night and go to bed and close their eyes.
 Bitty Mouse lives there with his ten brothers and eights sisters and Mama Mouse and Papa Mouse.
 And Dinky Duckling. And Bumble Bunny. And Sniffy Mole. And Oggy Frog. And Terry Berry. And Chirpy Bird. And Patti Pine Tree.
Lots of friends live there, and they like to have little boys and girls come visit and play with them. They like to tell stories to them.

Children's book from Mt. Zion Ridge Press.
In paper and ebook.


Mt. Zion Ridge Press is re-releasing the Steam Punk, Inspirational Romance and Women's Fiction series originally published by Desert Breeze Publishing -- with the incredible cover art they provided. This will eventually includes 3 totally new books in the Quarry Hall series -- planned, written, but not released. Look for them late 2019/early 2020!


If you came here looking for something in particular, and you don't see it, please email and ask me!
I can point you to one of my blogs where you can read excerpts of some of the books, or to one of my publisher, where you can read about the books, read exerpts, and buy ebook or print editions.

If you're looking for EDITING services, contact me to ask about rates and turnaround time.
If you just want editing advice, have you considered my book of writing advice -- which a serving of snark on the side?
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR: Tips and Quips on the Writing Life, published by Mt. Zion Ridge Press. In paper and ebook.

My email address is
My blog is at: www.MichelleLevigne.blogspot.com

You can find me on Facebook -- I have a personal page and an author page.
Or you can look for my book trailers on YouTube.
I'm also on Twitter
and Instagram

Your choice!

Welcome. I hope you have fun looking around, and you'll visit again, because whenever there's a new book or development, I'll be updating this page.

What do you think of the new color scheme?
Ah, the wonders -- and trials and tribulations -- of getting a new computer and having to move all my files and rebuild my website!

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