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Welcome to the website for Michelle Levigne, author and editor.

Here you can explore and learn about the various worlds of my imagination:
science fiction, fantasy, romance, steampunk, YA, inspirational, women's fiction.

Yeah, I have a lot of books and a lot of universes and storylines for you to explore!

And that includes my NEWEST RELEASE >>>>>>

From Mt. Zion Ridge Press:
The Match Girls: Six church girls who become friends as they deal with a wacky old lady, armed with a computer program, who insists on helping them find the love of their lives -- whether they want one or not!

Dinah doesn't want a new man in her life, after her current boyfriend seriously blew their first Christmas together -- and became her ex-boyfriend. She has to find a new church and job, after being fired from her position as church secretary (and dealing with the church politics fallout). What's a good church-going girl to do when everything seems to go from wrong to weird, and the crazy old lady who insists on helping her find true love doesn't know the meaning of "No!" or "Not ever!"?

Coming Titles: From Mt. Zion Ridge Press

Biblical Fiction

Heretic's Daughter
Book 1

Sarai knew her life's path from childhood.
Daughter of a wealthy, respected rabbi, she prepared herself for marriage to a man of equal wealth and status. Her father indulged her curiosity, and provided her an education rare among women of those times. She used the healing talents Adonai had given her, to serve others.
However, her father's teachings about the Messiah were in conflict with the high priest, and many in the Sanhedrin. He believed the Messiah would first come as the Suffering Servant, not as a triumphant warrior to rescue Judea from the tyranny of Rome. He was labeled a heretic, ostracized from the Temple. When he died, Sarai's world disintegrated. Her suitor vanished, along with all his sweet promises.
Reduced to nothing, Sarai devoted herself to the man who kept his promises when everyone else abandoned her.
Then she encountered a rabbi named Jesus, from Nazareth, who fulfilled everything her father had taught about the Messiah. As Jerusalem was split by the question of who Jesus was, Sarai faced the most painful decision of her life.
The man who risked everything to rescue her, or the duty she owed to Adonai?
Break her promises and lose everything she had regained, or destroy her soul?

Book 1, March 1
Book 2, April 1

Inn of the Healer
Book 2

Sarai refuses to renounce her faith in Jesus, and her husband, Simon divorces her. She finds shelter with other followers of Jesus amid the turmoil after the crucifixion and news of the resurrection. When her friends decide to journey to Damascus for safety and to establish an inn, she joins them.
Discovering she carries Simon's child leads to painful decisions. She claims to be a widow, and prays Simon will not hear the news and take her child from her. Within the safety of the inn family, she builds a new life for herself as a healer.
The Inn of the Three Sisters becomes the gathering place for the slowly growing fellowship of Christ's followers. Sarai puts her education to good use, recording the memories of those who walked with Jesus and heard Him teach.
Then her old life in Jerusalem reaches out to claim her, calling on old loyalties and friendship. Returning to her former home to help those she still loves means risking discovery, possibly condemnation. Her duty as a healer, and as a follower of Christ, requires a step of faith and courage that seems beyond her. The consequences of her decision will change her life, and the life of her daughter, forever


From Mt. Zion Ridge Press.

The trials and tribulations of a bride-NOT-to-be. A college romance ended during summer break, but left a wedding dress on Eve's hands. She dragged it with her around the country and through several relationships, confusing and scary and bittersweet. But true love didn't find her until she finally managed to get rid of that dress, and all the baggage that came with it...

There is a special placed called Crooked Creek. Only little girls and little boys can go there.
 Most of the time, they visit in their dreams, after they say their prayers and kiss Mommy and Daddy good night and go to bed and close their eyes.
 Bitty Mouse lives there with his ten brothers and eights sisters and Mama Mouse and Papa Mouse.
 And Dinky Duckling. And Bumble Bunny. And Sniffy Mole. And Oggy Frog. And Terry Berry. And Chirpy Bird. And Patti Pine Tree.
Lots of friends live there, and they like to have little boys and girls come visit and play with them. They like to tell stories to them.

Children's book from Mt. Zion Ridge Press.
In paper and ebook.

If you came here looking for something in particular, and you don't see it, please email and ask me!
I can point you to one of my blogs where you can read excerpts of some of the books, or to one of my publisher, where you can read about the books, read exerpts, and buy ebook or print editions.

If you're looking for EDITING services, contact me to ask about rates and turnaround time.
If you just want editing advice, have you considered my book of writing advice -- which a serving of snark on the side?
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR: Tips and Quips on the Writing Life, published by Mt. Zion Ridge Press. In paper and ebook.

My blog is at: www.MichelleLevigne.blogspot.com

You can find me on Facebook -- I have a personal page and an author page.

Or you can look for my book trailers on YouTube.

I'm also on Twitter


and Instagram

Your choice!

Welcome. I hope you have fun looking around, and you'll visit again, because whenever there's a new book or development, I'll be updating this page.

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