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What is Steward's World?

I'm taking four previously published fantasy books that are no longer in print and revising them, expanding on the rules of magic and the history and politics of their world, making them darker, and adding books in between.

Book 1, PLANTWISE, first appeared as BITTERSWEET, published by Mundania Press.

Princess Wronged seeks justice against Prince Not-so-charming, and learns revenge is a dish best served -- not cold -- but by someone else.

On her christening day, Princess Arden is gifted with plantwise magic. She grows into her duties guided by Glynna, the spirt of the plantwise woman who gifted her. Maddix, prince of the neighboring kingdom, has plans of conquest, and intends Arden to be the first of many brides as he fathers sons to take over their grandfathers' kingdoms. When he strikes at everything and everyone Arden holds dear, she must strike back, even as her mentor warns her that using Maddix's tactics will bring disaster.

Original titles of the remaining books to be revised and expanded:

THE WOLF THAT WAS: the daughter of a wise woman joins forces with a man who has been bound to a wolf, two souls in one body, to find answers and punish the enchanter who killed her mother.
WOLVES ON THE WEST SIDE: children from Stewards' World escape a murderer intent on destroying them by falling through to our world. They must first find each other, then grow up, before they can return home and face their enemies and be reunited with their families.
SHATTER, SCATTER: the three children from Stewards' World unknowingly trigger the spell that sends them home. The race is on to find answers and their families before their enemies find them and finish the failed murder attempt from ten years before.

PLANTWISE  has appeared in the Ye Olde Dragon's Library storytelling podcast. You can buy the complete audiobook, or buy the print or ebook version.

COMING THIS SUMMER: WHITE WOLF, the next book in the Steward's World series.

From Ye Olde Dragon Books.

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