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AFV Defender Universe: Short stories
From time to time, a chance remark or a moment of, "Oh, so THAT's how that happened" will spark an idea for a short story in the AFV Defender universe.

Here's where you'll learn about them.

All will be released in ebook format and individual audiobook shorts... until there are enough to put them into their own print collection.


Class Reunion
They were the anomalies, the Talents that didn't check all the boxes or fit within neat, understood, traditional guidelines. Gathered together under a Premier Master at the Academy on Le'anka, the nine Talents were called Infrenx, for the magical bird of legend, of healing and power … and sometimes destruction.

When they graduated, they scattered through the Alliance, using their Talents to serve and protect.

Their greatest challenge came when some members of Infrenx class returned to Le'anka for what they thought would be a time of rest and fun and reunion. An enemy had struck, managing to slide past the security precautions of the Academy, the headquarters and birthplace of the Alliance. As the members of Infrenx class discovered, even the mighty bird of legend had a nemesis, and it would take all their combined strength and training and the ultimate sacrifice to defend their home.

The Short-Lived Escape of Jorono Cynes
A story between novels.

The crew of the Defender had run afoul of the irritating, silly little con man Jorono Cynes one time too many.

He was supposed to be in custody for the rest of his life, but somehow Cynes showed up in the middle of a shore leave that was anything but relaxing.

Lt. M'kar and Security Chief Decker were supposed to be guiding some of the ship's children through a wilderness survival experience, but even though they were on shore leave, they knew their duty. They had to deal with Cynes and get him back into the hands of the authorities ASAP.

And if they could have some fun and frighten the irritating little troublemaker while they were at it, all the better.

For the Birds
Before Genys Arroyan was captain, and M'kar was Chief of Talents and Treinna was head of linguistics and Jasper was chief engineer … in the golden years under Captain Rob Hollis's leadership …

A dark shadow from the crewmates' past shows up to make life and a new, precarious mission difficult for the junior officers of the Defender. A nomadic fleet grudgingly agrees to host a diplomatic team from the Alliance.  M'kar's animal-focused Talent is needed to help the ambassador leave the flagship when the birds that inhabit and overwhelm and perhaps even run the ships of the fleet … won't let him leave.

Only a Talent can establish communication with the Castitaran dragons, known as numenjax. But when the communication short-circuits Confri and knocks her out cold, she thinks her part in the project is over. Until the numenjax come up with a much more creative plan!

For forty years, the Hiver menace has left devastation in its wake: prisoners bound in cocoons, trapped in living death, with no known way to safely free them.

Then the dragons of Castitarus, the Numenjax, chose Confri to become caretaker for a Numenjax egg and pair with the hatchling. Hope returned to the caretakers of hundreds of cocoons, when young Jax's presence awoke brain activity within the cocoons.

Now, in the wake of the mission to Xanprecis and the shattering of a broken Gate, the missing element might finally be in the hands of the Alliance. Will Jax be able to harness the untamed, alien energy, and break the hold the cocoons hold on their prisoners?

M'kar, Thyal, the Defender and all their dracs return to Anwesta Medical Station to make that risky first attempt

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