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Welcome to the adventures of SUNSINGER -- a 10-book YA series set in Age 3 of the Commonwealth Universe.

SUNSINGER chronicles the adventures of Bain Kern, an orphan boy on a backwater colony world. When his colony is endangered because it lies in the path of an invading alien fleet, everyone is evacuated. Bain steps on board the small Free Trader ship Sunsinger, captained by Spacer captain Lin Fieran.

His life is immediately changed, and as he learns his heritage and grasps the opportunities offered him, Bain grows into the man who will create the Scout Corps, destined to protect the Commonwealth.

Other Commonwealth novels deal with his descendants, including the books in the Chorillan Cycle.

More books about Bain's early days as commander of the Scout Corps are planned.
Come on board for the adventure!

Orphaned and now evacuated from the only home he's ever known, Bain's dream of becoming a Spacer is suddenly more possible than he ever realized. Aboard a small Free Trader ship with a forceful, yet caring and quirky captain, Bain learns the ropes of combat and courage.

Battling not only the threat of the Mashrami, the human race's biggest enemy, Bain must battle his own enemy as well--a bully who prefers Bain over a punching bag. Will he be able to prevail, using his innate Spacer genes and all that the Captain has taught him, to win the war against all of his enemies?

Bain's prayers were answered: Captain Lin Fieran wanted him to stay on Sunsinger and be her crew for another evacuation trip to Lenga. When they got there, everyone had already been evacuated, so they went to the next world in the path of the Mashrami invasion.

That's when things got complicated by pirates and by people who didn't want to leave their homes.

To make matters worse, Bain knew Lin wanted him to stay on Sunsinger with her and Ganfer, just as much as he wanted to stay, but someone in authority was getting in the way. Lin had to keep a secret from him, and if she told him what it was, he might never be allowed back on board.

Bain and Lin meet up with Ranger Captain Gilmore again.

Gil has an important mission for Sunsinger's crew: helping test a new device to protect ships from the alien Mashrami.

The only problem is, Lin has to get Sunsinger very close to the aliens to test it!

Bain and Lin meet up with Sister High Scholar Marnya, a member of the Order of Kilvordi - the Church scholars and scientists who brought civilization back from the destruction of the Downfall and took Humans back into space.

Marnya needs their help on a very important mission: She needs to travel in disguise, to see if the conditions on the colony worlds match the reports that she receives. Plus, someone is trying to kill members of the Order, and Marnya is the most important target of all.

Bain's dreams of having the power and resources to help the helpless come a little closer to reality as he learns from Marnya and her bodyguard, Jax.

Sunsinger's crew joins the Rangers on a mission of mercy where time is the enemy -- along with a plague created by the alien Mashrami.

Bain and Lin help to deliver medicine to hopefully prevent and cure the plague.

When they come to a planet where the colonists are uncooperative, they start to unearth secrets better left buried.

It was the chance of a lifetime, to visit Centralis, home of the Commonwealth Council and the Commonwealth Upper University. While Lin testified about Sunsinger's visit to the Mashrami home planet, Bain explored the grounds of the university with his new friend, Gorgi Cole.

Then a researcher was attacked, his laboratory ransacked and deadly cultures stolen. With the possibility of a plague being loosed under the domes of Centralis, Bain and Gorgi knew they had to help.

But it could cost them their lives.

Commonwealth history says part of the reason for the Downfall was because some people were classed as mutants and made into slaves, and the slaves eventually rebelled.

Bain and Lin go on an exploring mission and meet Leapers - descendants of people who escaped from the abuse and slavery of First Civ. Leap ships travel vast distances in a few heartbeats by slipping through the fabric of space and time. Journeys of years with Spacer pilots take days on Leap ships. Captain Lorian and the crew of the Estal'es'cai have come to see if anything remains of the galaxy and the civilization where their ancestors originated. What Lin and Bain do on meeting the Leapers could affect the future of the Commonwealth.

Then, while exploring a desert world that could be the birthplace of the Leaper race, they run into an old friend. Or is he an old enemy?

A colony world lost during the Downfall, Aramar is in a strategic spot between the Commonwealth and Conclave. Both galactic civilizations want Aramar to join them.

Trouble is brewing, and the crew of "Sunsinger" is asked by the Commonwealth Council to go to Aramar and assist the Commonwealth's ambassadors. And help them escape if the trouble erupts into civil war.

Lin is friends with the ambassador and his wife, so she and Bain stay at the embassy. They meet the two ruling families of the planet and Bain lands in a position to help when rebellion erupts across the planet. What he does will affect the Commonwealth and Aramar for decades to come.

Gemar, a lost colony, former member of the Conclave, now a member of the Commonwealth. A world with legends of shapeshifters.

Someone wants to force Gemar to re-join the Conclave. Someone wants it badly enough to kill hundreds of people.

When Captain Lorian of the Estal'es'cai is one of the victims, the future of the Leaper alliance with the Commonwealth is in jeopardy. Bain and his Spacer friends risk their lives to investigate and protect their Leaper friends and bring their dream of the Scout Corps to life.

Bain and the first generation of Scouts go on a training flight with the first Scout ship, but it turns into their first official rescue mission.

Sunsinger has been damaged.

Ganfer could be destroyed.

And Lin is missing.

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