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In multiple worlds and universes and dimensions of reality, there are tales of Hub Worlds, where many different realms can meet and intersect. Some travel between worlds through the power of the mind and Talents born into the blood, while others are chosen through vision and prophecy and step between worlds with the power of talismans. None can go to the others' worlds, except when they meet in a Hub World. Wildvine County is that pivotal point where the travelers from multiple worlds and universes meet.

The story begins when refugees from a world called Rehdonna stumble through the vortex to Wildvine. Through danger and treachery, the only one who can take them home again was killed, but they live in hope that someday, one of them will be born with the Talent and can find the way home again.

Writer's Exchange

Dayree was born to a powerful family in the Taksearhe Clan. She was expected to have strong Talents, yet her gifts never emerged.

Mocked by some, ignored by others, she took the opportunities offered to her and explored other gifts, becoming a craftsman and then a teacher. In the process, she found her soulmate, Jayx.

Years later, when their village was threatened by rebels who wanted to control their world, Dayree's gift awakened, enabling her talented cousin to evacuate the entire village to safety--stepping through the vortex between worlds, to a planet called Earth.

Khyber was Istorica for the exiles--the one entrusted with remembering all their history, everything they learned. Despite the support of Grandmother Dayree, she felt she had let down her family by not being able to step between worlds and take the exiles home.

She had many gifts, but it was her talent for telling stories that offered the exiles a chance to reach out and find others with Talents, lost on Earth. However, enemies had followed the exiles to Earth, and the only way to protect her family, her village, was to live separated from them, under a false name. For the sake of the exiles, Khyber would do whatever it took...and in the process found her way home.

Daniel was a mystery, found injured, lost, and unconscious on a mountainside after a freak storm. His miracle recovery and then his brilliant mind made medical history.

Wren lost all her memory after witnessing the murders of her parents. The trauma in their childhoods unlocked Talents that it would take years for them to explore and understand.

Grown, Daniel escaped his university existence, and set out to explore and search for answers to the mysteries in his life. Taking refuge with a school friend's family, he met Wren, and the two discovered an instant bond of mind and soul and heart. Guarded by the mysterious, interdimensional shadow creatures Daniel knew only as the felin-ru, they dared to try to make a life together.

Jori went to Willowood College because of a promise her father made years ago, when he was a student there. She only had to put in one year, and then she could go to whatever college she preferred. When she walked into Old Solar's Shoppe her first day in town, prophecies spoken in another world awakened and claimed her.

Lew had already lost one apprentice, and he wasn't happy when the dreamstone marked Jori as his new apprentice, but he knew better than to disobey the will of Waetru. They became friends and he taught her about the world called Unipuri. She thought it was just a wonderful, complicated game.

Then an ancient evil focused on the two of them, attempting to reach across multiple universes and force protective barriers wide open. Jori's game became more real than anything she had ever known, and it would stay that way--if she and Lew survived their first test as master and apprentice.


A secret life is just as much a burden as a secret identity. Jori is still recovering from her injuries earned on her first adventure in Unipuri when her college life is turned upside down. While it's a good thing to lose the pain-in-the-neck roommate, she also loses the good one. Two friends in her dormitory rescue her from the dilemma of taking new roommates, and share their dorm room with her. Nothing in the world will compel Jori to mess up this new dorm situation.

However, she is now living in two worlds, and some complications just can't be avoided. Jori enjoys learning to be a Solar, charged with protecting the doorway between worlds, and the time differential between the Midworld and Earth is a big help in getting her homework done. However, some things can't be hidden, such as the times she puts her life on the line to defend innocents in the centuries-long war raging in Unipuri. Especially when she realizes that her new roommates have secrets of their own, and even her dreams aren't private anymore.

Bree has lived with the burden of knowing she's born to be a Taksearhe, the highest level of strength among all the Talents, with the ability to travel between worlds. Yet childhood trauma has blocked her gifts. She knows she travels to other worlds in her dreams yet can't remember where she went or how when she wakes up. The exiles from Rehdonna are depending on her, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to learn what's going on in her brain and dreams to awaken her gifts.

When she joins a dream and sleep study program at Lyndvale University, she's relieved when Dr. Harland, the man her mother is dating, takes her under his wing to protect and guide her. With the help of her roommates and then contacts in other worlds, she learns to awaken and control her gift, but not before she attracts the attention of evil forces that want to use her to open the doorway to Earth.

Bree's wishes come true, but the cost if she takes just one wrong step could deprive her of friends, her heritage, and the soulmate who's reached out to her from another world.


Alex Harris has always known she was adopted but never really thought about the story behind Colonel Harris and his wife adopting her...until her real mother, Herin, made contact and revealed that Alex's background and talents were just as unusual as her two college roommates, Bree Kirstan and Jori Lawrence.

Alex was born in another universe, daughter and heir to the captain of a Leap ship. Her genetics have the special "tweak" that allow her to link her mind with a ship and slide through the fabric of space, going from one universe to another. Herin was injured in the attack that resulted in their ship being stranded in orbit behind the moon, and she can no longer take her ship and crew home.

An Air Force investigator who's been harassing the Colonel for years has actually been after Alex all along. Time is running out, and the enemy is getting closer to the truth and closer to capturing the "alien invaders" they've sought for years. What will Alex need to sacrifice, to help her birth-mother and protect her father's career?

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