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Tabor Shorts

Inspy Contemporary


These short stories will give you the opportunity to get to know some of the people of Tabor Heights without diving into a full-length book.

Up until now, the Tabor series was available only in ebook. Starting May 2023, Mt. Zion Ridge Press will be re-releasing the series in ebook, as well as creating new cover art and making the books available in paper and audiobook formats. Every few months, as the Tabor Heights books are re-released, short stories will be made available. Subscribers to Michelle's newsletter (check the signup page here on the website, or visit Michelle's BLOG to sign up) will have a chance to obtain them for free before they are released online. Two books that were collections of short stories will be taken apart and the stories released individually, and listed here.

Stay tuned!

You can buy these short story ebooks at Ye Olde Dragon Books by visiting the storefront.


One Small Child: A baby left in the lobby of Homespun Theater and a case of stolen identity give Max, Tony and their friends pause for reflection.

From Turkey to Mistletoe: A nasty prank spurred by office politics throw Jenna and Mitch together. Could their developing friendship become something more, beyond the company walls?

Sequel to the Tabor Heights novel, FIRESONG.

Dani has growing doubts about mixing marriage and a music ministry on the road. Then again, with as little time as she and Kurt can spend together, despite working for the same ministry, she might never see that engagement ring. Four weeks at a teen music boot camp gives them time together, but the egos and politics that converge in one place might threaten everything.


Riley knows how Clark Kent felt about Superman, when Gina seems to like his radio alter-ego, Whit, more than him. What's a mild-mannered DJ to do to win the girl of his dreams?

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