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In time for the release of THE BEASTLY BEAUTY, a new Enchanted Castle Archives short story.

If you join the Patreon group, Ye Olde Dragon's Library, you'll have a chance to claim this story for FREE.

Whats it about?

Ash is on the road as a courier. A routine stop in a village to pick up some bread for the master of the next station house turns into an errand of mercy for a frantic mother.


We now have buy links, to order directly from the printer, and save $$$, for:
The Guardians of the Time Stream.
AFV Defender novels
Young Defender novels
Fairytale Anthologies
Classic Monster Anthologies   

Claim Daughter of the Beastly Beauty, free ebook, by signing up for my newsletter.
Now through March 31.
The story that started it all! First written for the WHEN YOUR BEAUTY IS THE BEAST anthology of Beauty & the Beast stories, this is the first Enchanted Castle Archives story.

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