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This is the "about" page ... meaning now I have to talk about myself a little bit, now that you've looked at my books. Just in case you have some questions.

I write (like, duh ...)
BA in theatre and English from Northwestern College of Iowa.
MA in communications, focusing on film and writing, from Regent University.
Institute for Children's Literature 2-year correspondence course in high school.
Won the Writers of the Future Contest in 1990 -- my winning short story, "Relay," is in Volume VII.

I belong to American Christian Fiction Writers -- ACFW Ohio chapter -- and formerly belonged to RWA, NEORWA, SFWA, and EPIC. (Seriously thinking about going back to EPIC -- you ought to try them, great, supportive, informative group!)

I write mainly novels, but every once in a while I write short stories and even some flash fiction. I also try to write at least one screenplay every year. Maybe one of these days I'll try to sell one ...
My "day job" is freelance editing. I edit and proofread for a business publisher, and a self-publishing company. I also take editing assignments from individuals who want me to proofread or do a critique/line edit or just help them do a final polish before sending their book to a publisher, or publishing it themselves.

Thanks for visiting my website. It's updated on a semi-regular basis -- meaning within a few weeks of a new book coming out, or just a new book cover for an upcoming book, I should be online, adding and tweaking. So please check back! You never know what you might find next that you'll really enjoy.

Want to contact me?

Look for me on Facebook -- just type in my name. I have TWO pages -- my personal/social page, and my author page. Different things on different pages.

Or you can email me via Gmail:
MichelleLevigne@gmail.com (no, this is not an active link -- I just colored it blue so it stands out....)

Got questions about my books? About the writing groups I belong to? About upcoming books? Interested in editing services? You have an author event coming up or a booksigning you'd like me to participate in? (Thanks!) Email me at the address above, and I'll get back to you within a day or two.

Want to visit my blog and learn more about new books as they come out, get excerpts, learn about booksignings and conferences and contests?

The easy way is to use the signup form to the right, and join my newsletter!

My blog:

Like audiobooks! Check out my podcast, with 2 new chapters every week: Ye Olde Dragon's Library. And check out the Patreon group, Ye Olde Dragon's Library. Supporters get free ebooks and advance notice of new releases, or pre-release order discounts!

My Publishers:
Mt. Zion Ridge Press: Re-releasing my Tabor Hts., Quarry Hall, and Guardians of the Time Stream series
Writers Exchange: Home of my Hunt series and Commonwealth Universe series.
Ye Olde Dragon Books: re-releasing the Neighborlee, Ohio series, with 5 new books, and the new AFV Defender space adventure series.

Crossover List:
Some of my titles fit into more than one category. This list may help you wade through the offerings and find what you're looking for.

Sunsinger -- part of the Commonwealth Universe
The Hunt
Confessions of a Lost Kid (Neighborlee)
Semi-Pseudo-Superheroes (Neighborlee)
Virtually London (Neighborlee)

Science Fiction
All the Commonwealth Universe titles
Future Magic stores: Seven Swanns, North to the Sun and South to the Moon
The Rift War -- Book 5 of the Zygradon series (while Arthurian fantasy, Rift War starts in a futuristic world and travels to a magical one)

The Hunt
All's Fae in Love and Chocolate novellas
Zygradon: (Arthurian Fantasy) Zygradon, Braenlicach, Three Drops of Blood, Lady Warhawk, The Rift War
Los Cielos

Los Cielos
All's Fae in Love and Chocolate novellas
Windwalker (Commonwealth)
Moonbirds (Commonwealth)
Future Magic stores: Seven Swanns, North to the Sun and South to the Moon

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