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Welcome to the website for Michelle Levigne, author and editor.

Here you can explore and learn about the various worlds of my imagination:
science fiction, fantasy, romance, steampunk, YA, inspirational, women's fiction.

Yeah, I have a lot of books and a lot of universes and storylines for you to explore!

Check out the fun, quirky fantasy set in the weird little town of Neighborlee, Ohio!
From Ye Olde Dragon Books

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Magic to Spare, Book 1

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The Kindness Curse by Michelle L. Levigne

The Kindness Curse

by Michelle L. Levigne

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(I'll be the one in the Evil Queen crown .......)


From Ye Olde Dragon Books

A marriage counselor who has never been in love...

A missing beauty queen with an oversized ego...
A hunter crippled by his own ambition...
Settlers on their way to a new home in the Rockies in 1848...
A jeweler's obsession...
A hero-tuber and a mystery man trapped in a haunted house...
Infatuation and ego aboard a space ship bound for a new world...
Curses, plants, and shapeshifters in a South American garden...
A gamers' quest with unconventional challenges...
A castle and a beast being strangled by roses --and a curse...
A princess' problematic seventeenth birthday and the curses surrounding it...
And a castle besieged by ice and basilisks!

What do all these things have in common? They are all variations on the Beauty and the Beast retelling. Fall in love with an old fairy tale in a whole new way as you enter their worlds and find enchantment!


My Master's thesis, proposing that science fiction and fantasy are good for your soul.

From Ye Olde Dragon Books

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How about some fun fantasy with fracture faerie tales and a wicked queen who needs some serious reforming before she can be a heroine?

Coming JUNE 1
(and the pre-release sale price is effective May 1 through 31 at Ye Olde Dragon Books)

The Kindness Curse

Merrigan wasn't really an evil queen. Her royal siblings referred to her as the brat, and she lived down to it.

However, she was married to an evil king. When he lost a fight with a magic apple tree and got himself killed, she did whatever she could to hold onto the kingdom. Including lying to a powerful seer.

Big mistake.

Merrigan was cursed: turned into an old woman, she was doomed to wander until she learned to care about others. With the aid of a magic book named Bib, she encountered a mermaid trying to regain her tail, a soldier with a magic tinderbox, a merchant obsessed with finding magical cloth, a warehouse full of orphans, and a princess allergic to peas.

Forbidden to retrace her steps, she moved from kingdom to kingdom, and totally by accident helped others find their happily-ever-after.

New and Coming Fantasy Releases
The Neighborlee series

Bride of the Living Proof

In between helping friends plan their weddings, Lanie deals with:
... a dog (that isn't really a dog) that has moved in with her
and an unwanted match from a dating service that might be planted by enemies of the guardians.

Plus there's this little problem that Daniel, her new boss, might be an enemy spy …

July 1
Shrunk: The Exile of Maurice

Maurice used his Fae magic to help the downtrodden and abused. But when he went too far, the Powers-That-Be decided he needed to learn humility, self-restraint, and mercy. They took away most of his magic, shrunk him down to five inches, and slapped wings on his back that no self-respecting Fae would be caught dead in. Then they exiled him to the Human realms, to work out his sentence helping Humans.

His destination: Divine's Emporium, a curiosity shop touched with magic, on the edge of the odd town of Neighborlee, Ohio.

His parole officer: Angela, the proprietress of Divine's Emporium, touched with magic and a shadowy past of her own.

His sentence: Help the Humans who come into Divine's to find answers, freedom, their own magic, and true love. Not necessarily in that order.

His problem: How does a five-inch-tall Fae, invisible to most Humans, win the heart of the ugly duckling who has caught his interest, his sympathy, and then his heart -- when she can't see or hear him?

If you came here looking for something in particular, and you don't see it, please email and ask me!
I can point you to one of my blogs where you can read excerpts of some of the books, or to one of my publisher, where you can read about the books, read exerpts, and buy ebook or print editions.

If you're looking for EDITING services, contact me to ask about rates and turnaround time.
If you just want editing advice, have you considered my book of writing advice -- which a serving of snark on the side?
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR: Tips and Quips on the Writing Life, published by Mt. Zion Ridge Press. In paper and ebook.

My blog is at: www.MichelleLevigne.blogspot.com

You can find me on Facebook -- I have a personal page and an author page.

Or you can look for my book trailers on YouTube.

I'm also on Twitter


and Instagram

Your choice!

Welcome. I hope you have fun looking around, and you'll visit again, because whenever there's a new book or development, I'll be updating this page.

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