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Quarry Hall

Inspy Contemporary

Welcome to Quarry Hall, where the wounded find shelter and healing, and train to share that healing and the lessons they have learned with other hurting souls.
Quarry Hall is the mansion home of the Arc Foundation, a philanthropic foundation dedicated to finding the people who have fallen through the cracks and give badly needed assistance, one person at a time. The daughters of Quarry Hall are the walking wounded, and still have some growing and healing to do as they face a wounded world. Accompanied by their guard dogs, trained in self-defense, aided by innovative technology and with intelligence and military connections, they put their lives on the line for the One who did the same for them.

From Mt. Zion Ridge Press

#1: JOAN
 Under a false identity, Joan finally has the life she has always wanted. With pressure to deepen a relationship on one side, and the threat of an old nemesis finding her on the other, she refuses to run, no matter what it costs her.
Into this chaos comes a letter from a man claiming to be her unknown father, and an invitation to visit him at Quarry Hall. He has a proposition for her.
Joan can make a big difference for good in the world, using her father's money. She hungers for the family and sense of belonging that Quarry Hall offers. To rescue her closest friend, she would sell the soul she doesn't believe she possesses.
In the end, Joan will have to give up the lies that have kept her alive all these years.

#2: ANNE
After a rough assignment catching people out to destroy battered women's shelters, Anne needs a break. Being assigned to observe operations at Common Grounds Legal Clinic seems like a cake assignment. Xander Finley, the head lawyer, is a friend of Joan. The clinic is already supported by the Arc Foundation, so Arc is simply expanding its support.
But then Anne is carjacked, and her guard dog, Argus, is shot. Off balance, worried about Argus, and wearing borrowed clothes, things keep getting worse. Face-to-face with someone from her painful past and feeling antagonism from Xander's employees, Anne stumbles into one problem after another. Her frustration grows when allies became enemies, and she is accused of entrapment and then attempted murder. How come prayer is her last resort, when it should have been her first reaction to every problem?  

Kathryn's retreat for relaxation and contemplation is interrupted to take a fugitive to safety, beyond the reach of authorities who may be compromised. The injured woman knows her name is Regina, but not why people were shooting at her. The journey to reach a friend in the FBI is complicated when Kathryn's illness requires frequent stops, permitting Regina's pursuers to nip at their heels.
When the mountains interfere with cell reception, and she can't stop long enough to make a call for help and advice, Kathryn has only her companion dog, her own wits, and prayer to depend on. Deception waits around every corner and Regina's attitude tests Kathryn's sympathy and her faith.

 Black Ops doesn’t begin to describe Vincent’s former paramilitary team.
When a friend of the Arc Foundation requests help for a rescue mission facing scandal, Vincent learns two former teammates are involved. He must investigate for the sake of his conscience, but can his instincts be trusted? Who has reformed, and who still waits to destroy those who betrayed him years ago, when their team disintegrated?
Joan comes along, to provide balance and a second pair of eyes. One former teammate, Josh is in charge of renovations. Karl, the other former teammate, is the fundraiser. Darcy, Josh’s daughter, is an idealistic young woman ready to give her life for what she believes. As Vincent and Joan track down the enemies of the mission, they uncover lies and an insidious scheme, with Darcy as pawn and prize.

Nikki lives a faerie tale existence, but after a chance encounter with Joan Archer, she starts to rethink her choices. Especially since she is pregnant, and her boyfriend doesn't want the baby. Brock has changed since convincing Nikki to run away from home two years ago. Now his goal is to protect her from his drug lord boss. When his DEA contacts say they can't protect Nikki, Brock must break her heart to drive her away, so she will be safe.
Ashamed to be the prodigal, Nikki doesn't go straight home. Joan and the Quarry Hall sisters find her and start her healing and the journey home. The drug lord decides to find Nikki, and bring her back to use her to camouflage the organization's activities. When he kidnaps her, Quarry Hall and friends marshal their resources to find her before it is too late.

Years ago, Charli Carson and her father surprised a thief searching his laboratory. She was crippled and he died.
Nightmares plague Charli, so a reclusive life is easy. Joan Archer comes to the Carsons’ hidden forest lab, seeking to save her father’s life with their breakthrough plant-reclamation and breeding research, and prompting Charli and her mother to reevaluate choices they have made.
When they shelter the children of friends in danger, a chain of events leads to the enemy striking once more. Charli must conquer her fears and nightmares to protect the children and find answers before it is too late.
George, Quarry Hall's mechanic, is a broken man, haunted by dreams of a life he can't remember. Vincent fights to keep George from remembering the soulless killer he once was -- until a road trip to distract George gets his picture in a magazine, and awakens the past.
Anne's past again haunts her and she struggles to regain her peace. The Ogre who molested her and killed her parents is gone -- isn't he? The Black Prince who rescued her returns, but her delight in seeing her hero is crushed when she learns the Ogre escaped and is closer than she could have guessed.
As Anne re-fights the battle of forgiveness and healing, Quarry Hall and Vincent's former commando teammate race to find the mystery man hunting George. Will his trail lead to an enemy from decades ago? At what point can a monster be considered truly dead and gone?

Nikki’s first long-distance courier job for the Arc Foundation includes picking up Brooklyn from vacation and bringing her home to Quarry Hall. The day before is due to arrive, Brooklyn calls Quarry Hall, speaking in code, hinting at mysteries and danger. When Nikki arrives in Harper’s Point, Brooklyn is nowhere to be found.
Staying in town to search for Brooklyn while pretending not to suspect anything turns out to be harder than Nikki anticipates. Her questions never get the same answer twice, and soon she decides people are lying to her, and then spying on her.
A letter from Brooklyn, posted before she disappeared, provides some answers. Quarry Hall gets to work. Joan races to Harper’s Point, fearing for Nikki’s safety. Before she arrives, the enemy strikes. Now the question is if Nikki’s training will keep her and Brooklyn alive until rescue comes.
 Jenni Doran's magazine's computer system suffers cyber-invasion, possibly related to an encounter with Quarry Hall and its enemies. She and Sophie team up to dig through the network, uncovering plots and traitors. Sophie is stunned to recognize a program she designed when she was young and naive.
The man who possesses the program wants to possess Sophie, and has been hunting her for years. He is willing to destroy everyone she loves to accomplish that. Sophie and Joan have worked for years to dismantle his empire. The emotional shock and paralysis are as bad as the bullets that put Sophie in her wheelchair.
Where is her faith? Where is the security she has fought so long to win? As Sophie unravels the coding attacking the magazine, she faces the pain and fear of her past and the unpleasant fact that healing and freedom might mean facing her tormentor one more time.

#10: SU-MA
 Still suffering from the death of her companion dog, Su-Ma's mental state affects her body, confining her to a wheelchair. Looking at life from doorknob level changes her perspective. Despite self-doubts, she accepts a touchy, crucial assignment.
Haley has been manipulated and tricked, and is being used to infiltrate Arc. Su-Ma must mentor her and keep her from betraying them all. They play "God's 2X4" for each other, and work past old hurts and pride. Su-Ma lands in the unaccustomed role of counselor when Haley discovers the depths of the betrayal and manipulation, setting her up to destroy Quarry Hall from within.
When Buddy Coltrane returns to attack the family he abandoned three years before, Quarry Hall gets involved. Jennifer is assigned to investigate the situation surrounding Daria Coltrane and her children. She must trick Buddy into acting, so they can deal with him. A technological trap springs shut, indicating that Genghis, the criminal mastermind out to destroy Vincent and the Arc Foundation, is directing Buddy's actions. Jennifer convinces Daria to flee and start a new life.
Time and again, they can't seem to evade their pursuers. A chance encounter with friends from her Air Force childhood, who rally to help, reminds Jennifer of all she has lost. Daria and her children are in danger from Quarry Hall's enemies. Jennifer willingly puts herself in the line of fire because as she says, "It's what we do." But will it be enough?

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