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Liars' Quest\Beastly Beauty

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The enchanted castle first appeared in the short story, Daughter of the Beastly Beauty, in the first anthology from Ye Olde Dragon Books, When Your Beauty IS The Beast -- a collection of short stories based on the theme of Beauty & the Beast.

Since then, five stories have appeared in print:Daughter of the Beastly Beauty, Tower to Tower, Patches, Beauty in a Box and Cure For the Creature, with a new story slated for the next Fairytale Anthology, Tales from the Forest: Like Mother, Like Daughter.

These stories are the adventures of Belladonna, known as 'Na, daughter of the lord and lady of the enchanted castle. References are made to the story of Lady Ashlyn and Lord Zared, with hints of how they came to the enchanted castle, in the enchanted forest.

Well, it's about time THEIR stories are told.

LIARS' QUEST first appeared as episodes of the Ye Olde Dragon's Library storytelling podcast, beginning in January 2023.

Book 2, THE BEASTLY BEAUTY is now being read on the Ye Olde Dragon's Library storytelling podcast, with print, ebook and audiobook releasing April 1.


Ash is an orphan servant girl who has been disguised as a boy since she was fished out of a flood when she was a toddler. Now, however, her body is maturing and starting to betray her. Before that can happen, Lathia, a spoiled brat daughter of a nobleman, is terrorizing the boy servants with her flirtatious games. When she corners Ash and doesn't get the demanded kiss, she claims Ash assaulted her. The only way Ash can defend herself is to reveal her secret. An interfering traveling judge gets involved and declares both girls are liars. He assigns them a quest to prove who is more innocent or less guilty. Both girls are given a magic ring, to monitor their activities and keep track of them as they fulfill the requirements of the quest. Ash immediately makes friends with the spirit of the ring and they become allies as she flees the castle with the assistance of a manic bunny named Fang, to avoid being forced to travel with Lathia as her servant.

The ring and other people along the way can detect magic potential in Ash, and this leads to problems as well as allies and friends who try to contirbute to her magical education. Numerous times, Ash is warned to avoid the enchanted castle. Trying to follow that advice and succeeding are two different things.

From  Ye Olde Dragon Books.


Ash was warned, and she tried to be careful, but with the Purple Sky magicians hunting her to carry out Lathia's vendetta, there were only so many options open to her. The magic awakening in her blood and breaking free of the binding spells of her enemies made her even more vulnerable to trouble. And attractive to new allies and new enemies.

When she rode through the wrong magical doorway and found herself in the enchanted forest, Ash knew she needed to find her way out as quickly as possible. The enchanted castle, however, had other ideas. It needed a princess, and clever, resourceful, magical Ash was just what it had been waiting for. She refused to be a princess, but the castle apparently wasn't listening.

As she gained new allies and discovered just what clever traps awaited her, Ash settled in for a battle of wills that might occupy her for the rest of her life. Was it any wonder that when her only freedom lay in being beastly, she dove into the magic and the mask … and maybe enjoyed it just a little too much?

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